Digital Discovered FAQ

1.What is Digital Discovered? What are you doing with this data you’re collecting?

Digital Discovered is an analytics company that collects data in the extension industry to cultivate better discovery. We’re paying extensions based on total installed active users in order to exponentially grow the number of partners who on-board our network. We’re planning to launch a discovery platform where subscribers can search for extensions based on the metrics collected in #2.

2.What data does your network collect? 

We’re very explicit in the basic data we collect; Geolocation of the users (city, country), operating system (OS), origin/quality (VPN/Bot) etc.

3.Do you protect my extension’s user privacy?

We collect all our data while maintaining user anonymity (we can’t identify users as we give each user a unique identifier and IPs are not stored). We take user privacy very seriously and have proactive measures in place to protect the users of our extension partners. 

4.Can I review the source code (unminified version of the script)?

We can’t share our proprietary source code for security purposes but you can use an unminifier to understand what we do.

5.Why would someone subscribe to Digital Discovered? What can they use this data for?

Unfortunately in this space, there aren’t any platforms that publicly offer the discovery of extensions based on the metrics we’re collecting. Subscribers can include but aren’t limited to market researchers (R&D), advertisers/sponsorship opportunities, acquisition firms, etc.

6.What are the partner rates you pay? Is it guaranteed?

Yes the rates we provide are guaranteed each month based on total users. Here’s the tier structure:

1k-9.9k users – $100/mo 

10-25k users – $250/mo 

25.1-100K users – $750/mo 

101-250K users – $1500/mo 

251-500K users – $2000/mo 

501-750K users – $2500/mo 

751K-1M users – $3500/mo 

1M-1.5M users – $4500/mo
1.5-2M users – $5000/mo 
2-2.5M users – $6000/mo
2.5M+ users – $7500/mo

7.How do you calculate total users?

Total users are the number of users who open the Chrome Browser after the Extension Metrics script is uploaded to your extension and approved to the Chrome Web Store.

8.What are your payment terms? How do you remit payments each month?

We pay our partners on the 1st of each month. Our payments are sent via Paypal or Payoneer. Our partners will need to add their billing email and mode of payment in their settings tab.

9.Is your network fully compliant?

Yes we’re fully compliant with Google Chrome Web Store’s TOS (terms of service) and GDPR. 

10.Do I need to add anything to my privacy page after on-boarding your network?

Yes, once you on-board our network, you’ll be required to add this to your privacy page:
“Our Extension collects and sells data to 3rd parties including but not limited to Geolocation of our users (city, country), operating system (OS), origin/quality (VPN/Bot) while maintaining user anonymity (we can’t identify users as we give each user a unique identifier and IPs are not stored).”

11.Can I see existing partners in the Chrome Web Store as reference? 

Yes we can send an existing EM partner as reference upon request.

12.Why would your network continue paying us each month for data? We pride ourselves with data accuracy across our network of Extensions. With extensions growing in users, data constantly fluctuates and we need to be proactively updating our network to ensure we have the most real-time and up to date metrics.

13.Can I review your TOS/PP?

14.Can I schedule a call to learn more?

Yes you can schedule a call with our senior business development manager Eric to learn more:

15.Do I need to request additional permissions to be added in my extension to be a partner of your network?

No additional permissions are required to become an active partner of our network.

16.How soon does my extension become active after uploading your network’s script?

Depending on the size of your extension, Google typically takes upwards of two weeks to approve an extension. Once the new version is available in the Google Chrome Webstore, it’ll take between 1-2 days for our network to change your Extension’s status to “active” in our system. 

17.What happens if Google rejects my submission?

Google will never reject submissions due to our script inclusion. If Google rejects your submission, they usually leave a general response with the reason why they rejected it. Typically, we’ve seen partners who received rejections due to their extensions being misleading or having false information, not explaining their features thoroughly, screenshots provided not demonstrating functionality of the extension, etc. If a rejection occurs, we work with our partners to help them get approved when re-submitting.