Digital Discovered: Market Intelligence Solutions

Digital Discovered provides market insights and research in the browser extension & mobile apps landscape.

  • Track your market share
  • Make the right strategic decisions
  • Optimize your digital effectiveness
  • Discover competitor metrics


Source, evaluate and track investment opportunities, spotting emerging players and market trends.


Understand your market, your target customers and your competitor landscape.


Create context for your project with current market data updating in real time.

Security in mind

The data is collected and analyzed at a macro level, creating actionable data with complete user privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an analytics company that collects data in the extension industry to cultivate better discovery. We’re paying extensions based on total installed active users in order to exponentially grow the number of partners who on-board our network. We’re planning to launch a discovery platform where subscribers can search for extensions based on the metrics collected in #2
We’re very explicit in the basic data we collect; Geolocation of the users (city, country), operating system (OS), origin/quality (VPN/Bot) etc..
We collect all our data while maintaining user anonymity (we can’t identify users as we give each user a unique identifier and IPs are not stored). We take user privacy very seriously and have proactive measures in place to protect the users of our extension partners.
Unfortunately in this space, there aren’t any platforms that publicly offer the discovery of extensions and market data based on the metrics we’re collecting. Subscribers can include but aren’t limited to market researchers (R&D), advertisers/sponsorship opportunities, acquisition firms, etc.

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